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Newcastle Night Photography
Newcastle Night Photography

When I am unable to travel far, but still have the urge for some creative photography, I sometimes just take my camera with me into town after dark and explore around the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne.  Everyday views can look magical once illuminated by street lights and neon signs.

Its been a few weeks since my last evening walkabout (around Darlington), so immediately made the schoolboy error of not removing the UV filter from my 50mm lens first - any screw-in lens filter will potentially cause ghosting of lights captured by the camera, and sometimes this is very difficult to remove in post-processing.

Once I corrected that mistake, I double-checked that ISO was at least 800 (sometimes I go beyond 1000, as I know photoshop post-processing correction in RAW will help clean the noise pretty well), aperture-priority set, and f-stop as open as possible to keep handheld wobbles under control by letting more light in.

The featured imaged was taken in the city centre, and I did like the resulting colour version.  However, I felt that removing all colour apart from the neon sign and its reflection on the damp pavement aided the more dramatic story of the young lady staring directly out to the street. 

I've added a couple more recent night shots to my website's store, so feel free to take a look via:


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